FO: A Quick Knit

After spending so much time on my other knitting projects, I just wanted something that was an instant-gratification project.

Luckily, that need surfaced around the time I had an inquiry come in about a custom version of my Shift Knob Cover pattern! (The photo below is my roommate trying to figure out what the heck this thing is)IMG_4552

This little guy knit up super quick and the pattern was easily modified to fit a more spherical knob. I added an extra increase and decrease round and I worked the decreases at the top at a slightly quicker pace to round off the top quicker.

Have you been slogging away on long-term projects?  Or are you into the instant gratification knits too?

7 thoughts on “FO: A Quick Knit

  1. Yes! I am looking for quick gratification projects as of late. Nathaniel may get a butt ton of booties due to that urge.

  2. I have been trying to slog away at my bigger projects. It’s been a while since a quick knit and seeing everyone’s beautiful finished projects all over the blogging world has me inspired to cast on something small and quick and just pump it out!! Maybe a baby hat or two? I feel like everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby…

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