This past weekend was one of those play-it-by-ear weekends that ended up being really fun, relaxing and necessary.IMG_4562

Sometimes it’s nice to tourist around your own town.  Luckily, in Fort Collins there is no shortage of touristy things to do in the summer!  IMG_4561

We even have a ton of fun and delicious food trucks that make the rounds.IMG_4569

And of course I augment my fun-time with plenty of knitting.IMG_4575

What are your favorite things to do in the summa-summa-time?

4 thoughts on “Weekending

    1. I like to bike also, and I try to bike to work as much as possible. Sadly, my bike has a flat and I don’t have a pump yet 😦 I don’t like to bike to work when it’s too hot though, I don’t want to be sweaty at my desk all day!

      1. It’s nice to have a place to shower. I used to bike to a job without one and I used to sit outside for a while before going in, and I kept a stash of wet wipes for cleanup if I needed it.

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