WIP Wednesday: Moving Along

I haven’t had quite as much knitting time as I wanted lately (it’s awfully hard to knit lace by the light of a headlamp when hiking) but I am making a bit of progress on this last sleeve of that never ending sweater.IMG_4665

It’s moving along rather quickly because a) it’s a sleeve and b) I don’t have other projects going right now for which to put this one down.

I’m hoping to have it done sooner rather than later!

What are you working on this week?

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Moving Along

  1. Its pretty! I’m working on some cables, it was gonna be gloves but I’ve realised its not wide enough so it may now be a scarf or a headband.

      1. The crochet project is for a friend. The spinning is a skein for next year’s county fair. Then I have a spinning project ready to go for a fingering weight shawl, which will be mine.

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