Adventures in Homeownership – The Wrong Address

Remember that hail storm I mentioned a few weeks ago?

Because of that storm, most of the houses in my neighborhood are getting new roofs.  I chose not to get a new roof this time around partly because I just got one two months ago, before I bought the place.

The other day as I was leaving for work, there were two gentleman taking a small pitch fork to my roof.  I’d seen them drive up in their little red truck and park behind my car but didn’t think much of it because I share my driveway with my neighbor – all I wanted was for the truck to move before I had to leave for work and it did.  However, when I left my front door I noticed that they weren’t on my neighbor’s roof, they were on MY roof, ripping up MY shingles.IMG_4668

After a quick  “What are you doing?” and the following confusion, their boss showed up who called his boss and then had me call his boss and on and on.

I do believe they wanted my neighbor’s roof.  I’m walking away with a fixed patch so, should another crazy storm come through, at least that portion of it will not leak*.

And here we have a wild Lisa in her natural habitat
And here we have a wild Lisa in her natural habitat



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Homeownership – The Wrong Address

    1. They did fix my roof, the part that they ripped up, thankfully! We’ve had so much rain this past week that if they hadn’t fixed it, I would have so much MORE damage to the house!

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