WIP Wednesday: Snowbound in August

I started this hat months ago but with the sweaters on the needles, it got pushed to the back back back burner and resurfaced after the orange sweater was complete.IMG_4678

I’m still very much enjoying both the yarn and the pattern and am looking forward to having another hat in my warm-weather-accessories basket come winter!IMG_4680

What are you working on this week?

One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Snowbound in August

  1. I like the cable work in that hat. ^_^

    This week I’m working on spinning up 200g (7ounces) of Merino/Silk into a 3-ply fingering weight yarn for a project from Sock-Yarn Shawls by Jen Lucas. I might get around to making a pair of booties for Nathaniel.

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