WIP Wednesday: Big things and Little things

This week I’ve got some new projects on the needles.IMG_5328

Another viking helmet is making its way into reality along with some minion-inspired shift knob covers!IMG_5326

The base of the helmet along with the longer “metal” pieces and both horns are done, I just need to finish up the two smaller “metal” pieces and the beard and it’s ready to go!

What are you making this week?


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Big things and Little things

  1. I’m still stuck on some sweaters. The WI Sheep & Wool Festival ate up most of my time this weekend.

    Do you find it difficult knitting with blue yarn and blue needles? I would be so afraid to miss a stitch. Who makes those needles?? Are you ready to try the magic loop technique yet??

    1. Ooh was the Wool Festival fun?

      I don’t remember who makes these needles, I’ve had them since I was a kid! They’re not my favorite, to be honest, but they get the job done 🙂 I’ve done magic loop and although dpns are fiddley, I still have a tendency to prefer them – different strokes for different folks I guess!

      1. I had no idea there was a purple one. I’ve clearly missed something important. There may have been a second movie I didn’t watch.

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