Sometimes Plans Need A’Changin’

From the top of Gray's Peak at sunrise
From the top of Gray’s Peak at sunrise

Plans and expectations. Everyone’s got ’em. For the day, the week, the meeting, life in general.  It’s nearly impossible not to have them. And, they’re a good thing to have! They can keep you on track for your goals and keep you moving forward.

The problem comes when plans and expectations aren’t met.

That job that was your “Dream Job” turns out not to be your lifelong career. The person you thought was “The One” is actually just another ex. Your “Forever Home” is just a place you stayed for a bit.

These plans can change for a number of reasons, not all of which you can control. What you can control is how you react to them. Do you fight the truth and struggle to keep your plans the way they were? Do you make excuses so that your situation fits into the box you’ve imagined for it?

Or do you accept the facts, realign your compass and move onto the next phase of the plan that you might not’ve seen coming your way?

Having an idea of where you want your life to go is a GOOD thing. Being able to overcome the obstacles – whether that means going over them, through them, around them or turning the other way entirely – is even better.

If you keep holding onto the first dream you made for yourself, you’ll be exhausted trying to keep it afloat. It’s better for your well-being if you can adjust your sails and move in a previously unexpected direction, than cling to a sinking ideal that wasn’t meant for you in the long run.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Plans Need A’Changin’

  1. Something tells me this is more cryptic than it seems…..I hope all is well and that whatever situation(s) you are dealing with settle themselves out soon….

    1. Oh I don’t mean it to be cryptic 🙂 I’m going through changes right now (again) and I know everyone else goes through them at times too! Hard lessons can be made easier sometimes.

      Life is full of change, but I personally really enjoy change so I know everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to!

  2. Go where ever the wind takes you, I know that you’ll land on your feet ^_^. At the risk of sounding condescending: You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. No use in settling in now. Go for it!

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