Fall is Here


I’m sure this is true for most of the Northern Hemisphere, but its certainly true of Colorado right now – fall is approaching and bringing it with it cooler temperatures, pretty colors and a hankering for knits.IMG_5581

I’ve been lucky enough to have some time to spend enjoying the above in between all the crazy deadlines and projects and work I’ve been up to lately! (Not to mention moving, but……we won’t actually mention that…)IMG_5585

(the beer is the same color as many of the leaves around here!) What’s your favorite part about fall?

2 thoughts on “Fall is Here

  1. I’m still waiting for fall. It’s supposed to be 80F here in San Mateo (just outside of San Francisco). With that said, it’s supposed to be 69F tomorrow and I can’t wait. I want to wear my jeans and handknit socks already!

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