Solo Date

This past Saturday I had a luxurious day with some time to myself – this was the first day in many weeks that didn’t have anything specific planned and although I had tons of stuff to do, I HAD THE DAY TO DO THEM! Finally, time to check off some things on my to-do list.IMG_5609

Not all of the day was spent being productive and unpacking my new place, I took some time out in the middle of it to take myself and the dog to downtown Golden and have some fun.Ā  We walked along the river, knitted (well, that was just me, she kept guard for squirrels), and enjoyed the perfect weather and the fall colors.IMG_5640

I don’t really have a problem going places alone but more often than not, I’ll end up staying home all day if I don’t have someone else to drag me out or tag along with so heading out and running fun errands just me and the pup was kind of weird and a bit brave and probably something we should do more often.IMG_5633

Do you take yourself out on “dates” when you have no one else to go with?

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