RAWartists Denver CURRENT Showcase

1 Current_FBcover-Denver

If you follow my Facebook page you may have noticed my post the other day about the showcase I’ll be participating in next month.

The CURRENT show is being put on by the Denver RAWartists group and sounds like it’ll be a super fun night of shenanigans, live music, fashion show, aerial dancers, fire dancers, food and drinks and yours truly. It’ll also be a good opportunity for you to start/continue/wrap up your holiday shopping!Holly-Priestley2

The event is going to be held at the City Hall venue in Denver (1144 Broadway), about a block from the art museum on November 21st from 7pm until 11pm.  In order to get into the event, you’ll need a ticket.  These tickets also provide sponsorship for me – it helps cover my fees and also allows me the opportunity to work with professional photographers and videographers to take my business to the next level!  All proceeds from the tickets go to the RAWartists group, not to me personally, so you’re helping out 40+ local artists in the process (we’re all appreciative).  There are a few ways to get tickets for the show:

  • you can buy a ticket for the show from my page on the website right here
  • you can buy a ticket through me and I’ll make sure your name gets put on the list

Discounted tickets will be available until November 13th so be sure to get yours nice and early!  Let me know if you have any questions, I hope to see you there!

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