WIP Wednesday: Behind the Scenes (also, I need Help!)

I’ve certainly been busy lately – adjusting to the latest move, working on Tech Editing, developing my own designs, preparing for a show – knitting has been happening albeit slowly.IMG_5720

I’m making progress on that project for my Aunteeeee and although it looks like a pile of unassuming stockinette, that’s about to change here soon and I’m looking forward to the exciting part!IMG_5722

I haven’t made as much progress on the Pintuck Cardigan as I’d like, nor have I had a lot of time and ability to work on this secret project either.IMG_5724

I say “ability” because I’ve got wrist issues (probably, most likely, sadly, stemming from too much knitting) and I need to limit my knitting quantity.  I’ve recently decided that, yes, I do need help.  I’m looking for a Sample Knitter to help me bring my designs to life and to keep my wrists a bit safer than trying to tackle all these projects by myself.  If you’re interested, see this thread!

What are you working on this week?

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Behind the Scenes (also, I need Help!)

  1. I would help you out if it wasn’t for Nathaniel’s arrival and being in school. He’s more than a handful at this point. When things settle down, I’ll see about it, but for now I might have a couple of people to throw your way.

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