My Holiday

I’ve been away from the city, the internet and cellphone service for a few days hanging out with my folks in the mountains of Southern Colorado over the Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s always amazing how renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated I feel after some time with family in the mountains!IMG_5987

I hope your weekend (holiday in the US, regular November weekend for the rest of the world) was just as renewing as mine.IMG_6037

I know I’ve got another month left in the year but the calendar is already chock-full for December!  I’m going to be teaching some knitting classes beginning on Wednesday (more beginner classes will be scheduled for January!) and I plan on freshening up the shop as well, but most of my plans consist of cleaning out 2014 and preparing for an amazing 2015!IMG_6051

What are you up to for the rest of this year?  Seems like a short one, no?  It just flew right on by!

The above photo was taken at Yarn in Durango, Colorado (I just love visiting that store!)

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