Things Are Going to Change in 2015

If you’ve followed this blog for a few years you’ll know that every new year I try to set an intention for the coming months.  Rather than set specific resolutions, I pick a word (or in this case, a phrase) and try to incorporate that word into the year.  2014 was the Year of Learning and I kept a journal of the lessons I’d learned everyday.  2013 was the Year of Progress and that year I made leaps and bounds in my design business.IMG_6564

What is 2015 going to be?  2015 is going to be The Year of Taking Care of Myself.  A bit of a longer title and it might seem kind of vague, some of you are probably saying “Holly, that seems really generic, everyone wants to eat better and be more active this time of year” to which I would reply “this isn’t just about being more active and eating better (although I definitely should do those too), a lot of this year is focusing on my mental and emotional health.”IMG_6178.2

So what does that mean?

Well, I’m breaking it down to the basics:

  • Do things that make me happy
  • Hang out with people that make me happy

Basic, yea?  Those basics break down into further basic categories but really, 2014 was full of learning and full of stress.  I don’t want you to think that I didn’t enjoy 2014, I certainly did!  I just learned a lot of things (the hard way) that I’m looking forward to developing in more positive directions.

Anyways, enough with the non-yarny blabber, let’s get back to knitting and stuff shall we?!IMG_6523

My knitting goals include:

  1. publishing more patterns
  2. finish WIPs (there aren’t too many, I’ve been good about supressing Start-itis, but there are few languishing)
  3. knit from the stash

Also pretty basic right?  Should be a good year for goals!

What are you working towards this year?  How was 2014 for you?


7 thoughts on “Things Are Going to Change in 2015

  1. This year is about progress in business and education. I am working on an e-book of patterns, embroidery designs, & line art designs to name a few. This year I will graduate with my PR & Marketing Bachelor’s Degree with a minor in Project Management. Then I am going for my Masters in Project Management.

    This year I want to make everyone a Christmas gift. I have already started with Nathaniel’s annual teddy bear. I am also crafting a bit of holiday things for children to buy at the Kids’ Rummage Sale for Christmas. The earned money goes toward Nathaniel’s gifting fund for when he is older. I am also returning to a holiday tradition of making everyone an ornament.

    So, a few, but not outside the realm of doable.

  2. I’m onto moderation this year. I’ve gone cold sheep, trying to spend less money, and trying not to let my mental health rule me as much as it did in 2014. I got signed off work long-term in August and I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with that – and I have to remember not to try TOO hard to ‘get better’ because it is disruptive in the long run.

    I love that you’ve already started Christmas gifts! I’ve got a monthly plan this year…which may or may not go to plan!

    Good luck!

    1. That sounds like a good set of goals! I’m trying to participate in a “New Day Resolution” style of living instead of the “New Year Resolution” style, it seems to have more staying power and I recommend it to you too!

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