Squash for Happiness

Recently I was looking through some pictures I’d taken last year and the year before at around the same time of year and I noticed that in previous years, I’d done a lot more cooking and baking than I have this year.  This got me thinking – “Why wasn’t I doing that this year? What about the previous years facilitated so much more intensive food-making?”IMG_6625

Of course I came up with a bunch of quick excuse-answers – I had more time back then (fat chance, time is the same); I wasn’t as financially burdened (bullcrap, finances have next to nothing to do with it); I enjoy cooking for other people and lately I’ve been the only person around (a more reasonable answer but still can be fixed rather easily).IMG_6624

Cooking for other people is something that makes me happy, whipping up more than a simple, easy meal provides more satisfaction and, as I’ve mentioned here recently, this year I aim to take better care of myself and that includes my mental state.  If it makes me happy, I should do more of it.IMG_6628

The other week I bought a butternut squash, chopped it up, cooked it down, pureed the bits in my wonderful-totally-worth-every-penny food processor, and layered it up with some home-made sauces, easy bake noodles and delivered a lasagna to two very deserving people (three, including myself).  IMG_6632

What things do you find make you happy but are easy to neglect?

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