WIP Wednesday: I May Never Get There

I swear this sweater seems never ending. At this point, may just be a sleeve-less poncho!IMG_0908

I kid, I know it’s going to get to the sleeve divide (and soon). If I had more time and wrist to dedicate to it, I’d be there already! Sadly, neither of those things are on my side currently.  I do believe I’m only 2 or 3 rows from the underarm though….fingers crossed!IMG_0909

My momma is whizzing along on hers, she’s a few inches past the divide already and it’s looking great!DSCN3403

What are you working on this week?

My First Yarn Bowl!

A week and a half ago my mister and I went to one of those paint-your-own ceramic places (Into the Fire in Arvada, specifically) and I (obviously) chose to paint a yarn bowl!IMG_0823

I’ve never had a yarn bowl before but I’ve always lusted after them. It was the clear choice when looking at all the white, unpainted, creativity-inducing pieces.IMG_0825

It’s always so neat to see the before and after colors of these projects, don’t you think? This bowl is so big, it’s got three of those spiral yarn pass-through things! (probably a technical term). I painted in the inside and outside in a white speckled color and then added all the polka dots. IMG_7847

I completely love how it turned out and, as a knitter, you know I love how one-of-a-kind it is!  IMG_7844

Do you use a yarn bowl? Where’d you get it?

WIP Wednesday: Dropped That Ball

I was absolutely a bit over-confident about my assumption that I’d be at the sleeve divide within the week. I knit too much over that weekend and hurt my wrists so I had to take an entire week off knitting!  Sad days my friends, sad days.IMG_7808

(Dog butt because she likes to be everywhere I am) Back in the saddle and a wee bit of progress has been made on both the sweater and the shawl. Not to mention I cranked out a hat while teaching an Intermediate Knitting class (more details on that hopefully Friday!).IMG_7812

What are you knitting this week pretties?

WIP Wednesday: Family KAL

Progress is being made on both Minettas this week!

Mine has developed into purse knitting which means I’m making more progress on it than I was (although that’s only true when it’s light enough outside to see the stitches on the walk to work, some mornings I get up too early for the sun and revert back to the soothing garter stitch shawl that needs less visual attention while walking).IMG_0794

My momma’s Minetta is moving right along too!  I imagine we’ll both be to the sleeve divide within the week (but I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there…).DSCN3367

What are you working on this week?