A Weekend Adventure

IMG_8313This past weekend was one for the record books.IMG_7988

After more than a month of planning and lots of secretive plans, my brothers and I, with some massive help from our aunt, were able to visit Virginia and surprise my entire family with a surprise family reunion/birthday(s) celebration!IMG_8111

This was the first time I’ve been to Virginia in over ten (probably more than fifteen!) years and it was gorgeous.  So lush and green, not humid yet and the weather, although grey the first day, beautifully sunny the rest of the time.IMG_8125

Amidst mass quantities of food and beverages, we managed to squeeze in beach time, Williamsburg and side-splitting laughter.IMG_8225

A hefty dose of family time does wonders for the heart and soul, I highly recommend you go get yourself some!IMG_8390

How often do you see your family? What are your favorite things to do with them?

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