WIP Wednesday: Aaaalllmost

We’re getting there, folks. I start this sweater back in March, according to Ravelry, and it’s taken me quite a bit longer than anticipated. I’m a few inches from finishing the second sleeve and from there, it’s a quick neckband, buttons and a good block away from finished.IMG_9685

(clearly, Lisa felt the need to supervise) The raglan line does look (and feel, based on try-ons during the knitting process) a bit long but I think that’ll work in my favor for layering this sweater with other tops and dresses. The sleeves get quite tight at the cuff and I may end up ripping those out later to loosen them up a bit but I want to wear it a few times first to find out for sure how much looser I want it.IMG_9686

What projects are you making headway on this week?

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Aaaalllmost

  1. Excellent progress! That looks like it’s going to be such a great sweater, and it will be nice to be able to fit it over other tops-I struggle with that so much! I finally got to seam a top that I thought would never end this week, and once the needles I need come in the mail, I can do the armhole finishing and be done 🙂

  2. Happy to see that this is almost done!

    My current project is a pair of socks and I haven’t cast on for the second yet. Maybe this weekend.

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