Summer Fling Bag – Finally Actually Definitely Finished

Originally, I started this bag last year when my momma was visiting me in Fort Collins in May. I finished the knitting portion at that time but always knew that I wouldn’t be using it until I had a lining inside.Ā IMG_0053

Fast forward to this year.

I finally actually sewed in that lining (by hand, badly) and now the bag is usable. It’s small, which has pros and cons, but it’s cute and different and made by me so dammit I’m gonna use it. On the weekends. And when I don’t have to carry many things.IMG_0058

The cotton yarn we used is soft and inexpensive but it also pills a little too easily for my preference, little pink tufts were all over my black tank this weekend (they probably blended in with all the dog hair, I’m glam like that). So if I knit this again in the future I’d use a hardier yarn that also might not sag so much in the strap.IMG_0017

Also, it was this pretty girl’s 7th birthday this past Saturday.

Have you made any knitted bags? Do you use them?

4 thoughts on “Summer Fling Bag – Finally Actually Definitely Finished

  1. Happy birthday for your dog, she looks so pleased! šŸ™‚
    I’ve never knit a bag before, but I guess lining would be pretty essential to make it usable. And I’m not sure if I’m quite handy enough to make a lining for a bag!

    1. Felted bags are nice too because those rarely need linings! I had one that I made when I was a teenager through to college until someone stole it (probably because it was so awesome)

  2. What a sweetie!!! At this minute, our own sweetie is getting some snacks from me. He used to be 143 lbs. and now down to a manageable 96 lbs.

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