WIP: An Update

I told you I’d have a knitting update for you since, well, this¬†is a knitting blog after all (or at least, it started out that way).IMG_1643

I’m trying to do more yoga (ideally everyday but I don’t get too mad at myself about it if I miss a day or two) and I’ve noticed that my wrist pain has diminished quite a bit which means that I’ve had more motivation to knit when I do find a few minutes here and there!IMG_1639

The new collaborative project I mentioned is coming along, albeit slowly. No, it’s not actually cowl…but it will be worn on the top half of the body…does that count? This piece is now at least 5 inches long and is almost ready for the next bit of excitement and shaping. I don’t want to give away too many details just yet, you’ll have to wait for it’s release!IMG_1645

What are you working on this week?

Aspen Adventures

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit Aspen, Colorado for a few days with some folks from work. We spent time shooting photo and video for the company and having a great time doing it!IMG_1387

We saw a few sunrises, more sunsets and some fabulous time in the mountains (my favorite place to be).IMG_1530

There was rock climbing and fly fishing, hiking and mountain bike riding, plenty of good food and some beer. I even put the finishing touches on a new design to be released soon! Knitting actually happened, can you believe it?IMG_1609

I’ll have a knitting update for you this week, I’ve been making a serious effort to make more time for it! Tell me what adventures you’ve been on lately or are looking forward to, and please share what knitting you’re working on!

A Foggy Drive

This past Sunday the mister and I took a cruise with some of his family through parts of Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. If you know anything about the Rocky Mountains, national parks or Colorado – you know that every last bit of it is gorgeous and Sunday was no exception.IMG_0946

Even through the crazy awesome fog (fog is magical to me) we saw huge herds of elk and even two moose!IMG_1043 IMG_0952

It was so cool to get up to the top of the mountains, watch clouds form in the valleys between, rise and then flow over the mountain tops in true waterfall-cloudfall fashion.IMG_1011

My photos don’t do the natural beauty justice, you’ll just have to go for a drive yourself!

WIP Wednesday: Another New-ish Deadline Project

I’m working on a collaborative project with a local vegan/crochet designer to be featured in a fashion show this fall and the other day I actually cast on the thing.IMG_0899

We met up at the beginning of the year to discuss options, get ideas flowing and sketch some ideas, then we separately sourced yarn and swatched and I actually, finally, belatedly, cast on for my part.IMG_0900

It doesn’t look like much yet, but a lot of thought and consideration went into this project and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

A Pair of Quickies

IMG_1522Last week I received an email from a nice Texan who wanted some shift knob cozies for his wife’s VW – the Texas heat makes the knobs so hot they burn when she’s trying to drive.IMG_1523

I whipped up these two cuties (which are incredibly hard to photograph when not actually on a knob and in use) from my old old old (and free) pattern and now they’re off to their new home!¬†IMG_1525 IMG_1524

What are you working on this week?