A Foggy Drive

This past Sunday the mister and I took a cruise with some of his family through parts of Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. If you know anything about the Rocky Mountains, national parks or Colorado – you know that every last bit of it is gorgeous and Sunday was no exception.IMG_0946

Even through the crazy awesome fog (fog is magical to me) we saw huge herds of elk and even two moose!IMG_1043 IMG_0952

It was so cool to get up to the top of the mountains, watch clouds form in the valleys between, rise and then flow over the mountain tops in true waterfall-cloudfall fashion.IMG_1011

My photos don’t do the natural beauty justice, you’ll just have to go for a drive yourself!

2 thoughts on “A Foggy Drive

  1. Ughh I’m so jealous! That looks like such a beautiful drive-and I love elk and moose! The Rockies are definitely on my road trip bucket list 🙂

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