Before a Long Weekend

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend here in the US which means that many of us will have three glorious days off (‘off’ to me means ‘work on the projects you meant to work on during the week but didn’t get a chance to finish’). I’m hoping to get some time in the mountains with my new lens – a much wider angle lens that actually lets me get most of the mountains and the clouds in the shot!IMG_1693

This past week we were lucky enough to get two different hikes in and instead of satiating my need for nature, it just made it stronger. These photos are from hiking the Flatirons in Chautauqua Park in Boulder.IMG_1756

I’m sure I’ll get some knitting in too and promise to share updates next week! Some things are growing, some aren’t and I’m looking longingly at my stash everyday. IMG_1775

What are you working on? Do you have fun plans for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Before a Long Weekend

  1. I’m also looking longingly at my stash…we’ve been a little busy, but definitely finding time to knit in the evenings. No serious plans, just spending time together and doing a few chores. I love getting to see your view of the Colorado outdoors 🙂 I’ve been a few times, but seeing your shots makes me want to head right back!

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