TV + Knitting

Most knitters know the benefits that come from knitting and watching TV (and many also know that watching TV and knitting can lead to dropped stitches, a mis-crossed cable or some other ‘design element’). 

Sometimes watching a show or movie benefits your knitting in other ways – it can inspire new designs or entire books! Teresa Gregorio and Leah Coccari-Swift are two such inspired designers. Great Northern is a collaborative collection inspired by the show Twin Peaks and surely you’ve seen some of the awesome designs floating around the knitting section of the internet.

The gals have started a Kickstarter Campaign to ensure that their dream of this book can be met and we can help them! I, for one, want to see these design drawings knit up and made into patterns, don’t you? Support the book through the Kickstarter campaign, score some awesome rewards and find some good TV knitting for yourself.

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