NaKniSweMo – Half Way Through

We’re half of the way through the month and I’m not a quite halfway through my sweater yet. Last week I got to the stitch counts for my sleeve divide but decided the yoke was too short to do this just yet and ripped back a few rows, re-worked some of the pattern and got back to it.IMG_2835

I divided for the sleeves and am trying to play catch up. This isn’t a super hard and fast goal for me, I just wanted it to be a bit of motivation to get this sweater into the world and so far, I think it’s working! I’m really enjoying watching this get knit up – the textures are just what I wanted and everything seems to be playing nicely so far.IMG_2837

How is your NaKniSweMo progress going? Any hiccups, left turns or change in pace for you?

4 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo – Half Way Through

  1. Cute. I like that green. My NaKnitSweMo sweater is going ok, but slower this week than last. I have less motivation and am starting to get distracted by other projects. I haven’t picked these other projects up yet. But I think about it. Hard to stay focused. I guess I’m not naturally monogamous when it comes to knitting. At least not anymore.

    1. You’re making such good progress though! Already finishing the back and sleeves and starting the front?! You’re so close (I’m over here rooting for you, if you can’t tell ;))

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