2015 in Review

According to Ravelry, I only finished 17 projects this year – can you believe that?! Well, actually, now that I think about it….I can believe it. The first half of the year I was not knitting very much because of my wrist pain. I started seeing a PT for it and ever since I started stretching more, doing more yoga and stressing less the pain has almost gone completely away and I can pick up the needles more frequently!¬†IMG_9605

I’ve lived in 3 different places, worked in only 2 different jobs (apart from my designing and tech editing, of course) and published only 5 patterns. I am loosely hoping to double the number of projects, patterns and blog posts next year. I’ve got at least two in the works right now that just need to be written up, tech edited and tested so I’m on my way.IMG_2375

This year I was able to do more traveling than in 2014 – I didn’t leave the state once during 2014! I was able to go to Virginia to see my extended family, visit Costa Rica and go to New Mexico to watch my brother graduate from college along with quite a few travels around beautiful Colorado. It’s been a big year, a great year and I’m happy to have lived it with the best folks by my side (online and off).IMG_2241

Hopefully 2016 brings more projects, more love and more adventure ūüôā

WIP Wednesday: The Last WIP Post of 2015!

The only project I’m working on these days is the Cascades pullover by Michele Wang from the BT Fall 2015 collection. I’m still in love with the yarn and the pattern is knitting up beautifully!IMG_3116

Over the Christmas holiday I helped my momma get started on hers too and it sounds like she’s figured out the charts and things are moving along. The only modifications I’m planning to make so far is a little bit of waist shaping – I’ve already done one round and only need to decrease 4 more stitches to (hopefully) get an A-line shape that fits the way I’m envisioning.IMG_3117

What are you working on this week? Any big knitting plans for the New Year?

WIP Wednesday: Cascades Begins

I accidently started my Cascades sweater last week…..really! All I wanted to do was practice the Ribbed Cable Cast On it calls for and somehow the appropriate number of stitches ended up on my needles and then I just¬†had to see how the ribbing grew out of it. Honest.

Isn’t it perfect? The cast on really is gorgeous – and not difficult to do! I’m glad to have another awesome cast on method in my toolbox, you never know when you’ll need it.IMG_3071

The yarn I’m using is Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool in the Autumn Gold colorway. I’ve actually used this yarn (in this color, even) before for my Molly hat and it’s held up really well and is still one of my favorite hats. I know this yarn is going to make an awesome, warm and so soft sweater.IMG_3067

The pattern itself is easy to follow and I’m not even referring to the charts anymore which makes this knitting much more portable and easy to pick up on a whim.

What are you working on this week?

The Hualpa Kimono from We Are Knitters

Not long ago the ladies from We Are Knitters reached out and asked if I’d like to try one of their kits – umm, yes please! If you’ve been around the knitting blogosphere for more than a few months you’ve probably heard of this company. They sell kits complete with every last thing you’ll need to make the project including all the needles and notions. Everything comes wrapped up in a cute package and really makes you feel like you’re opening a special gift (or at least that’s how I felt, I’m easy to please over here).IMG_2844

At first I was a little worried that their kits feature a lot of bulky knits and over-sized shapes. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love bulky knits and over-sized shapes but as a petite and curvy lady, these don’t always translate as well to my body type. I looked through all of the options available to me and was pleasantly surprised that there are some finer gauge projects in the mix!IMG_2849

I had a hard time deciding between a few of the options but picked the Hualpa Kimono for a few reasons:

A) Most frequently, I prefer cardigans to pullovers

B) I love the colorwork in this design

C) And the fringe

D) It’ll fit in with my wardrobe¬†IMG_2851

My version will have this gorgeous deep blue as the main color and the natural as the contrasting color – very different from the other finished projects but I’m excited about it!IMG_2848

I mentioned my gauge woes the other day, I think I’ve got them mostly figured out and I plan to cast on this project as soon as I finish a quick hat for my mister. Have you ever worked with a We Are Knitters kit? Which one is your favorite?

WIP Wednesday: Swatchin’

This weekend I was able to finish all of the projects I had on my needles, can you believe that? Me neither. Pretty crazy. The finished projects will all get their day on the blog soon but Wednesdays are for sharing current works in progress and so that’s what we have – pre-works in progress.

IMG_3027I’m swatching for two different tops right now out of two totally different yarns and, incidentally, having the same problem with both.IMG_2009

The first is the Cascades Sweater by Michele Wang. My momma and I are going to knit some of these for our next KAL and we’ve chosen to use Shepherd’s Wool – mine in the Autumn Gold colorway and hers in the Granite colorway. The first swatch I knit up on US 7’s as the pattern suggested but my gauge was too big so I re-knit on US 6’s and the row gauge changed quite a bit more than the stitch gauge did. I may need to do a little math to get the sweater to work with this gauge but I’d rather do it up front than end up with a pullover that doesn’t fit well!IMG_2851

The second sweater is the Hualpa Kimono by We Are Knitters out of their Cotton Yarn. Again, I knit my swatch on the recommended needle size (US 8’s) and had to go down to a US 7, but, AGAIN, the row gauge changed more than the stitch gauge! I do like the fabric though so will just make a few modifications to make it work for me.IMG_2848

The importance of swatching is a big one and ya’ll should do it before you make things that need to fit (like sweaters and the like). Knitting a swatch two or three times over is far quicker than knitting a sweater two or three times over!

Pattern Release: Maple Slouch

I’m proud to announce that this Wednesday instead of listening to me talk, yet again, about unfinished projects, you’re going to get to listen to me talk about a new pattern!IMG_2831

I knit the first version of the Maple Slouch in September and now that my testers have all finished theirs, I’ve released the pattern into the wild. It’s a super quick knit and there are 2 versions to choose from.¬†IMG_2825

One of them (the one I originally knit) has lace and garter stripes all over the hat and the second one has a single lace panel surrounded by a body of garter stitch. Instructions for both versions and their crown shaping are charted.IMG_2829

Using just a bit of dk or worsted weight yarn (the sample was made out of Madelinetosh Tosh DK), this is a great stashbusting hat and did I mention how quick it is? Because it’s quick. You know what else is quick? How soon the holidays will be on us and the cold and snow (in the northern hemisphere at least).

This hat can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy for only $5!