The Hualpa Kimono from We Are Knitters

Not long ago the ladies from We Are Knitters reached out and asked if I’d like to try one of their kits – umm, yes please! If you’ve been around the knitting blogosphere for more than a few months you’ve probably heard of this company. They sell kits complete with every last thing you’ll need to make the project including all the needles and notions. Everything comes wrapped up in a cute package and really makes you feel like you’re opening a special gift (or at least that’s how I felt, I’m easy to please over here).IMG_2844

At first I was a little worried that their kits feature a lot of bulky knits and over-sized shapes. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love bulky knits and over-sized shapes but as a petite and curvy lady, these don’t always translate as well to my body type. I looked through all of the options available to me and was pleasantly surprised that there are some finer gauge projects in the mix!IMG_2849

I had a hard time deciding between a few of the options but picked the Hualpa Kimono for a few reasons:

A) Most frequently, I prefer cardigans to pullovers

B) I love the colorwork in this design

C) And the fringe

D) It’ll fit in with my wardrobe IMG_2851

My version will have this gorgeous deep blue as the main color and the natural as the contrasting color – very different from the other finished projects but I’m excited about it!IMG_2848

I mentioned my gauge woes the other day, I think I’ve got them mostly figured out and I plan to cast on this project as soon as I finish a quick hat for my mister. Have you ever worked with a We Are Knitters kit? Which one is your favorite?

12 thoughts on “The Hualpa Kimono from We Are Knitters

  1. I haven’t tried one of their kits yet, but I keep seeing them around and they’re so tempting! I can’t wait to see how your kimono comes out-I love the fringe, and that blue is fantastic!

  2. my favorite is, always, blue. however some of the colors i have seen in indian work (which the pattern reminds me of) and jewelry are usually brown, turquoise and coral, i decided on coral! i think turquoise would be very pretty too.

      1. this might be a silly question, but how did you do the alternating colors without having way too much tension, leaving it bunchy?

      2. I left very very long floats behind the work and I almost think some of them were too long but I recommend trying to catch your floats if you can – this is something you can Google and find a lot of resources for, I don’t know that I’ve written any for this blog unfortunately. How is it coming along?

    1. Mine came out really good! I altered the front to pull it up since I didnt like the drape. mine did come out smaller since I knit tighter (Learned my lesson about their kits) so I added an extra row and longer fringe! I love this pattern 🙂

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