Sometimes Monogamy is Hard

I’ve never claimed to be a monogamous knitter but generally, I get overwhelmed if I have too many projects going at once. I like to finish things and working on twelve different projects at once doesn’t usually lead to the quickest FO’s. 

At the same time, knitting sweaters takes a lot of time and dedication. My Cascades is coming along – I made it to the underarms of the body and started the cuff of the first sleeve at knit night this week. That sweater and I have been monogamous since I cast the thing on!IMG_3118

My eyes though, they’ve been wandering. I’ve been looking at my stash, imagining the possibilities; looking at my Ravelry favorites and comparing it with the stash…Hell, I even cast on the beginnings of my Hualpa Kimono last week to take some of the edge off (no good photos, the sun is scarce around these parts). 

Even that doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me faithful to my sweater progress. Just the other day I sprung for Kat Riddel’s Peony pattern and I have just the yarn to use for it (yarn courtesy of my friend Freshy (who really needs to get back to blogging) from a years back). The only thing keeping me from casting on righthisverymoment is that the yarn hasn’t been wound into a cake yet….but my winder isn’t far from reach….

What are you working on this week? Are you a multi-project knitter or a monogamous one?

11 thoughts on “Sometimes Monogamy is Hard

  1. I try to be monogamous, but sometimes long monotonous projects require some quickies in between to keep spirits up. I am polygamous when it comes to projects using different crafts like embroidery and painting.

  2. Ooh, that’s going to be so pretty! I am anything but monogamous when I knit-but my sister noted once that the trade off is that while it takes a while to finish things, then I get eight things finished at once!

  3. I would love to be monogamous! I have projects that I want to work on all the time, but often ‘work’ stuff gets in the way – so I carry a project around in my purse that is all I work on when I’m out and about, a project that I have in the house that is my evening knitting, and in my studio anything goes because it depends on what the latest commission is, though that’s not personal knitting.
    I’d love to be able to just sit and work on one thing from start to finish, but I’ve had to accept it will never happen. I also get RSI flare-ups really quickly, so I have to switch up the needle size regularly to help prevent that!

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