WIP Wednesday: A Little Help on the Sleeve

I’m working on the first sleeve of my Cascades and enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed knitting the body. It’s coming along quickly but I’m considering casting on the second one just so that it’s started and I don’t get a bout of Second Sleeve Syndrome. That stuff’s serious bidness and I don’t want to tempt fate.IMG_3119

Lisa is always around – she lays under my desk when I’m working, everytime I get up to go anywhere so does she and, of course, she feels the need to participate in my picture-taking. She even has her own hashtag (she’s so hip). Her hair is basically all over all my clothes anyway, why not just work it into the garment while it’s being knit up, right?IMG_3126

What you working on this week? Do you have pets who participate in your every move?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Little Help on the Sleeve

  1. I’ve got some thrummed mittens I’m trying to get done that the cat is obsessed with! She loves to play with the thrums, and thinks I’m not paying her enough attention if I’m not cuddling her at all times. The dog likes to chew on my slippers too. Pets are a joy πŸ˜€

  2. I hope the sleeves go smoothly for you! They’re tough buggers for me. Mystic will lay on anything that’s even remotely like fabric-especially knitting! He’s always got to be where I am, lol. Abby needs to always be on or next to someone too, but thankfully I’m third on her list of lap preference, so I usually just have to manage one dog in my lap

  3. My brain keeps lying to me and telling me I don’t have anything on the needles. But I do – it’s a second green sock. I guess my brain is freaking because there’s only one thing on the needles and not 10. I suppose I could cast on something else though.

  4. Oh that is such a familiar story to me. I don’t even want to know how much cat and dog hair I’ve knit up into my projects. Both of them being long-haired doesn’t help either. And Lisa is such a cutie, she deserves her own hashtag!

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