On My To-Knit List

There are so many gorgeous projects out there that I want to tackle right.this.second and have in my closet. I’m not a solely monogamous knitter but I do try to stick to one or two projects to make sure that I actually finish them (as I mentioned the other week) and so I know that if I cast on all the things I wanted to knit, I’d feel guilty for having too many. Yarn brings feels, ya’ll and guilty is not one that I want. Here are some of my favorite projects that I’m holding off on for the time being – are you knitting any of them? Perhaps I can live vicariously through your projects!

  1. From Another Place Crop Top by Leah Coccari-Swift
  2. Lucca by Jared Flood
  3. Peony by Kat Riddell (I even already have the pattern for this one AND the yarn picked out!)

Do you have a waiting list of knits that you’re dying to get to? What are some of your faves?

5 thoughts on “On My To-Knit List

  1. Yarn Guilt is the worst! I’m doing the From Another Place Crop Top as part of the Great Northern KAL, so you can knit that vicariously through me 🙂 Am I a terrible person if I tell you you should knit Peony? Because you should 😉 Since, you know, you have everything ready to go for it and all. But I totally understand the Lucca love as well, I fell hard for that one when that collection came out.

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re already knitting one of my to-knits! Just make sure you knit enough, you’re knitting for two now 😉 I’ll get on the Peony as soon as I bind off the Cascades, it’s my reward knitting!

  2. I try to keep my WIPs down, too. However, my Year of Projects list gives me some sense of focus, even though there’s no way on God’s Green Earth that I’m going to come even close to finishing everything on the lists. Once in awhile, something sneaks in (like test knits for certain people)…but right now, I have seven actual WIPs, a swatch, and a spinning project going. That’s plenty.

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