Snapshots Lately

The knitting looks largely the same this week and instead of bore you with the same ol’ pictures and “it’s coming along slowly but steadily” routine, I figured I’d share some photos of non-knitting things I’ve been up to!

These first 2 shots are from the Denver Botanic Gardens. Even though it seems a little counter intuitive to go to a garden in February, you can still see some neat things and great color combos! Who else thinks those plants would make for some awesome yarn dying inspiration?

IMG_3260 IMG_3373

These last 3 are from my weekend in Salida with my best friend mom. The first was seen in the downtown area, the second was near the alpaca farm and the third was taken at Elevation Beer Company just outside Salida in Poncha Springs. You can see me starting the Peony Shawl (and the sweater is the Joan of Arc pullover which I actually wear a lot – I don’t think the original photos do this sweater justice).

What non-knitting shenanigans have you been getting into lately?

5 thoughts on “Snapshots Lately

  1. There are no fun things going on around here. Well, I shouldn’t say that but there aren’t necessarily things I want to do. Last night, Husband and I built an Adirondack chair. Today, I have to register Little Man for Kindergarten. I’m going to my LYS in a bit because they’re closing in a month and I’m sad. ::sigh::

    1. Sounds like an excellent combo to me! I wish I had a bike, I want to get another one (had one a while back) before the weather turns to springtime 😀 Definitely need to do more yoga too!

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