Quick Photo Wall DIY

So…..you know that Shutterfly promo that’s been goin’ around? The one where they’re promising to give away unlimited 4×4 prints fo’ free? Yea. I took advantage of that. I loaded up my cart and only paid shipping for more than 70 photos!IMG_3455

Now that I have 70 mini photos, what should I do with them?

We had one narrow blank wall in our room that needed some love (I’m real big on having stuff on the walls). And so I took some push pins, leftover white sock yarn and the tiniest clothespins I could find at Joann’s and made this photo wall!IMG_3462

When I get bored of the pictures or the configuration, I’ll just switch ’em out with the other prints I’ve got – that’ll keep things fresh without my having to spend more money and I really do love all the pictures. Memories, people and places I love, Lisa, mountains….you can’t go wrong!IMG_3465

Any recommendations for what do with with the rest of the pictures? I’ve got about 50 left that didn’t fit here and although I could do this same treatment in a few different spaces in my house, I’m open for new options too!

(This post isn’t sponsored in anyway, I just wanted to share the good deals!)

2 thoughts on “Quick Photo Wall DIY

  1. Fun! I’ve been meaning to printout some pictures from the night before graduation for…almost four years now, lol. I love your photo display, it really brightens up that wall ๐Ÿ™‚

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