My Fibreshare Surprise!

Have you heard of the Fibreshare swaps? This is my second one and it’s absolutely just as awesome as the first!IMG_3504

Not only did I receive an awesome haul of yarn (check out that fabulously moody skein of Madeline Tosh!), my thoughtful partner also sent me the cutest project bag and stitch markers along with a pint glass (because she knows how much I love beer).IMG_3508

If you haven’t tried a Fibreshare swap yet, I highly recommend you do! It’s so much fun putting together a package for a yarn-loving stranger and when you receive yours, it’s like Christmas!


Movin’ Along

You guys! I’m making progress!

I finished the back piece of the Hualpa Kimono and blocked it over the weekend. The floats that I was worried about did work out for the most part although I’m fairly certain my gauge grew because I was trying to work so loosely through the colorwork. Hopefully this won’t affect my yardage too much, I don’t have a lot of the white color left and I’d hate to run out because my gauge got bigger.

I also started the fronts – yes, both of them. I saw on Instagram that another knitter had done the fronts this way and I thought it was a smart idea! That’s all the white I have left down in that picture, luckily the fronts have much less colorwork than the back but I’m still a bit nervous.

So, fingers crossed I don’t run out of yarn. What did you do this weekend?

All The Things You Can Do When You Can’t Knit

Dream about knitting

Reorganize your yarn stash

Enhance your yarn stash

Cook something

Eat that thing you cooked

Take your dog for a walk


Stare longingly at your yarn stash

Pick up a new crafty hobby

Peruse Ravelry for all things you want to knit but can’t

Have a beer/glass of wine/cocktail – whatever you fancy

Take pictures of your yarn stash

Consider taking up spinning because, hey, that yarn will be good when you can knit again

Take your camera for a walk

Write long lists and post them as blog posts all the while lamenting the fact that your knitting productivity has plummeted.

WIP Wednesday: Quiet Week Around These Parts

Sorry for the radio silence you guys! I had full intentions of blogging last Friday and this Monday but, as you may have noticed, that didn’t quite happen. I’m going to my damndest not to let it happen again!

I’ve been primarily working on the Hualpa Kimono the past few days and I’m so close to being done with the back piece! I’m more than 75% of the way there and I think the fronts will be a breeze (how many times has that sentiment blown up in my face? Don’t answer that.).

And another victory I’ve reached on this project – the need to start a new ball of the blue! Woo! That surely means I’m making progress – yarn doesn’t just disappear without being knit up (don’t correct me on that one either).

Yes, I am still keeping my yarn in the original kit bag. I don’t carry it around with me as a project bag because of the size and that fact that it isn’t a flexible material but I have enjoyed keeping the spirit of the original kit alive.

What are you working on this week? Making more progress than I am I hope!

WIP Wednesday: Every Little Bit Counts

I’ve been primarily working on the Hualpa Kimono project lately, a few rows here, a few rows there. I haven’t been able to spend a good chunk of time cranking it out but it is moving along, I think I’m about to the halfway point for this back piece! I love watching those center diamonds come together.

The combination of smooth cotton yarn and the slick aluminum needles means that this is my at-home knitting project. Almost every time I put it in my purse I lose a few stitches off the end. It’s not a hassle to pick them back up but I would hate for something more dramatic to happen in the black hole that is my catch-all bag. IMG_3488

The Peony Shawl is my purse knitting because I need to pay less attention to it. I’m getting to close to the texture change and I’m very excited to see how that works up! As always, it’s hard to show all the real progress on shawl projects, they just squish up on these needles, but I hope that the center spine looks longer to you since the last time I shared it!

I’m still totally in love with this yarn, the color is perfect and it’s knitting up beautifully in this pattern!

What are you working on this week?


This weekend was a pretty relaxed one and I’m not complaining. We didn’t get out for the drive through the mountains that I was hoping for but it was still great all the same.

The dog and I went on a long walk/hike at the dog park near us on Saturday morning. It’s about 420 square acres – plenty of room for everyone to spread out and get some exercise not to mention it’s got some of the best views of any dog park I’ve been to (including this one).IMG_2635

Sunday morning we woke up early and went to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre to work out a bit before heading to our usual Sunday morning yoga class. Pro tip: Daylight savings is a lot easier to handle if you go to sleep at an unreasonably early hour the night before.

What’d you do this weekend? Was it fun? Adventurous? Relaxing? Productive? Did you knit? Please tell me you knit, I didn’t get as much as I was hoping in so I’m going to knit vicariously through you.

Frogging Friday

No finished object from me this week (you’re not surprised, are you?), instead I took a formerly finished project and made it new again!

Weeelllllllllllll, I didn’t exactly do that either.IMG_3472

What I did do was take a sweater (knit last year by my fabulous sample knitter Linda) that wasn’t working (due to bad math on my part) and frogged it and rewound the yarn into cakes to tackle that lacy oversized project I mentioned on Monday.IMG_3474

You can see in the top of that sweater that the raglan shaping just wasn’t working. I didn’t want this to be a wingsuit so I ripped the whole thing out (there’s a quick video on my Instagram, I think it’s mesmerizing to watch) to start again.IMG_3478

Three cakes of fresh yarn ready to be made into a new project! You can still see the noodle-y crinkles – I love that. The yarn is Imperial Yarn’s Tracie Too and it’s held up well throughout knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging – it’s a soft and durable sport weight wool that I highly recommend you try out!IMG_3480

I’m hoping to get some knitting in and maybe go for a drive through the mountains – just get out and enjoy this crazy warm weather we’ve been having! Do you have fun weekend plans? Please share!

WIP Wednesday: Let’s Float

While the idea of taking a nice, meandering cruise down a river certainly does sound excellent, that’s not the kind of floating I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the floats created in stranded colorwork. Namely, the Hualpa Kimono I’m still working on. I’ve gotten past the first chart repeat which means that from here on out, I should be moving along a tad bit quicker because I can refer to my previous work instead of the tiny chart (just, uh, ignore the few spots where I may have fudged a stitch…or two…).IMG_3482

Generally it’s recommended that you catch your floats every 3-5 stitches but, as you can see in the photo below, I’m ignoring that guideline for this project. IMG_3483

I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  1. The smooth cotton yarn is being knit at a larger gauge than I’d typically pick and I don’t believe that catching the yarn will “hide” it – I think it’ll show through to the right side of the work when I’m done and I really don’t want that
  2. If you look at the photos of all the other Hualpa’s out there, it appears that everyone else is doing the same thing – not that I’m a lemming, I’m just using it as further justification of number one above.IMG_3484

So, it’s coming along and hopefully I’ll be a bit quicker through the rest of the project.

What are you working on this week?

New Faves

How was everyone’s weekend? We didn’t do a whole ton, worked a bit and played a bit, trying to focus more on future goals and taking steps toward making them a reality…you know the drill. It’s a new week with new possibilities so why not share a few new favorite knits?

Who wants to make this adorable pillow with me? I want an entire herd! It’s even a free pattern, I’m sure a bit of stash diving could make this an entirely free* project. (*Free because the money you already spent on yarn that just sits in your stash doesn’t count, right?)

Rosabella is another free pattern that I’m loving right now. Something about the light, lacy, slightly-oversized look appeals to me. I’ve got design ideas floating in my head that incorporate lace and flowy, oversized shapes and I like the polished look of this one.

And how stinkin’ cute are these little bunnies?! I have a niece and a nephew who would probably love these…but I’m not above making myself a few to hide around the house either!

What patterns have you been loving lately? Please share!

Palate Cleanser

Palate Cleanser – a neutral flavored element in food knitting that enables to clear the palate from one flavor project to another (source: Wikipedia, with my edit).

My knitting projects right now were both meant to be palate cleansers of sorts, after my two-month long stint with Cascades. I cast on a gorgeous shawl in some gorgeous yarn and I picked up the languishing Hualpa Kimono. They were meant to be knit up quickly and be a bit of close-to-instant gratification in my knitting realm.IMG_3466

This really only works if one actually knits the items intended to be knit quickly. Sadly, my wrist pain has returned and my knitting has slowed considerably as a result. Not only does this result in boring blog posts for you, it also makes for a cranky knitter who still carries her projects around with her on the off chance that she’ll be able to will them into existence.IMG_3469

So, cue more stretching and resting and wishing the things would knit themselves. What are you working on this week?