New Faves

How was everyone’s weekend? We didn’t do a whole ton, worked a bit and played a bit, trying to focus more on future goals and taking steps toward making them a reality…you know the drill. It’s a new week with new possibilities so why not share a few new favorite knits?

Who wants to make this adorable pillow with me? I want an entire herd! It’s even a free pattern, I’m sure a bit of stash diving could make this an entirely free* project. (*Free because the money you already spent on yarn that just sits in your stash doesn’t count, right?)

Rosabella is another free pattern that I’m loving right now. Something about the light, lacy, slightly-oversized look appeals to me. I’ve got design ideas floating in my head that incorporate lace and flowy, oversized shapes and I like the polished look of this one.

And how stinkin’ cute are these little bunnies?! I have a niece and a nephew who would probably love these…but I’m not above making myself a few to hide around the house either!

What patterns have you been loving lately? Please share!

7 thoughts on “New Faves

  1. Hi just came across this sheep pillow where could i find the pattern please ? Thanks all the way from Ireland !

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