All The Things You Can Do When You Can’t Knit

Dream about knitting

Reorganize your yarn stash

Enhance your yarn stash

Cook something

Eat that thing you cooked

Take your dog for a walk


Stare longingly at your yarn stash

Pick up a new crafty hobby

Peruse Ravelry for all things you want to knit but can’t

Have a beer/glass of wine/cocktail – whatever you fancy

Take pictures of your yarn stash

Consider taking up spinning because, hey, that yarn will be good when you can knit again

Take your camera for a walk

Write long lists and post them as blog posts all the while lamenting the fact that your knitting productivity has plummeted.

4 thoughts on “All The Things You Can Do When You Can’t Knit

  1. 1) Cry 2) Call your hands/wrists terrible names 3) Lie listlessly on your bed because what good is life if you can’t knit 4) Eat an entire pizza 5) Think about how many of the pizza calories you’d have burned off from knitting by now if you could actually knit

  2. This post is well time because I can’t knit right now either. I also can’t spin or cook either though. Ugg. My answer to all this extra time is non-twitchy video games. Probably going to finish that Final Fantasy game I’m playing by the time I can knit again.

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that 😦 It’s certainly no fun not being able to do the things you enjoy, that are productive and that bring you peace. I hope for a speedy recovery for you April!

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