Movin’ Along

You guys! I’m making progress!

I finished the back piece of the Hualpa Kimono and blocked it over the weekend. The floats that I was worried about did work out for the most part although I’m fairly certain my gauge grew because I was trying to work so loosely through the colorwork. Hopefully this won’t affect my yardage too much, I don’t have a lot of the white color left and I’d hate to run out because my gauge got bigger.

I also started the fronts – yes, both of them. I saw on Instagram that another knitter had done the fronts this way and I thought it was a smart idea! That’s all the white I have left down in that picture, luckily the fronts have much less colorwork than the back but I’m still a bit nervous.

So, fingers crossed I don’t run out of yarn. What did you do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Movin’ Along

  1. Yay progress! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your white yarn lasts 🙂 I got almost nothing done this weekend-I got roped into going to the city with my mum on Friday night (and spending waaaay too much at Sephora-oops!), then all day Saturday was cleaning to get ready for my sister and her boyfriend to come over on Sunday.

    1. Thanks! I started a new project to be my purse knitting last night because doing both fronts at the same time means I’m herding yarn balls when I work on them but hopefully they’ll knit up quickly!

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