Springtime in Colorado

The past few weeks the weather has been warming, the grass is greening and the trees are blossoming. Ask anyone who lives in Colorado though you and you know that this is not the time to be putting away your boots and gloves.

Throughout March, April and even May we routinely get late-season snow. This weekend we got another storm and I’m hoping that the blooms pull through! The moisture is good for us, we need more wetness to prevent summer forest fires and add to the snowpack in the mountains. 

Anticipating the weekend’s storm, we decided to head out on Friday for a little bit of climbing before the precipitation started. This was our first time out with our new gear and our first time going out just the two of us (plus Lisa, of course). We chose a nearby spot in Clear Creek Canyon that is usually teeming with people but – probably due to the weather and the fact that it was a weekday – we had the entire wall to ourselves!

It felt so good to get out of the city and smell the plants and rocks and rain. It really does a lot to fill my spiritual cup, you know? Is it springtime where you live? What are your favorite springtime activities?

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Colorado

  1. I’m still trying to figure out California weather. Right now, it’s hot outside (well, “hot” by this Wisconsin girl’s standards)…80+F, just as it was on both Saturday and Sunday. But tomorrow, it drops back down to “normal,” which is around 72F. We might get rain later this week, which is odd for this time of year but because of the drought, we’ll definitely take it.

    With that said, I know it’s springish when the oranges and lemons are mostly harvested from our trees and many of the flowers for the next batch are also gone…which sounds weird but it’s the way our citrus trees work around here.

    I could go for a thunderstorm, though.

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