WIP Wednesday: Lost in the Forest

Late last week I started a new project. Why? I don’t really know but something new hopped on my needles and I’m not taking it off!

The pattern is Lost in the Forest by Cath Ward (its free!). The yarn is Afterglow by Bittersweet Woolery and I picked it up years ago at Rhinebeck. I think the yarn is perfect for the pattern, I don’t normally go for browns but I love the tonal variation and I think it’ll play well with the lace and leafy textures of the shawl.

What are you working on this week?

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Lost in the Forest

  1. Oh man, you really have to watch out for yarn jumping onto needles unexpectedly! This yarn looks gorgeous-I love that shawl pattern, and I agree with you, I think it will be beautiful in these colors.

    1. Right? You gotta keep your eyes out! And thanks for the encouragement! I’m going to be working on this slowly but it’s fun to have a few projects going 😀

  2. Oh man….what a lovely shawl pattern and Bittersweet Woolery yarn…..love her stuff…..this pattern ended up in my queue….now I just need to finish unpacking all my yarn and needles from the move….

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