WIP Wednesday: Zarena Cowl

I wanted another quick project in my WIP pile a few weeks back and decided that a hat would be a nice addition. I picked out this gorgeous blue mystery stash and cast on for Zarena.

It wasn’t long before I decided that a hat wasn’t going to work and I ripped out, found slightly bigger needles and re-cast on for a cowl. I wanted to get the most out of the yarn and a hat might leave me with a few odd yards left. Besides, the yarn is a bit bigger than the DK called for in the pattern and trying to knit this closer-to-worsted on US 4 needles was going to give me wrist pain.

So this and Soren are rotating depending on what I feel like knitting at the time. What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Does She Even Knit Anymore?

I know, I know. For a knitting blog, this space has been pretty sparse on the knitting content lately. I *have* been knitting, I promise!

Remember that shawl I mentioned a few weeks ago? The one that was going to be the Lost in the Forest shawl? I ripped it. The pattern was gorgeous and I’m sure that if I’d followed it, I would make a beautiful shawl. Unfortunately, lately I haven’t wanted any knitting that I have to “pay attention to” – I want to be on autopilot with my knitting which meant scratching that project.

The yarn isn’t being returned to the stash, however. I re-cast on a new shawl project but, as you can see, this one is mostly mindless for the first little bit. Lacy pretty things happen later for the border and I’m looking forward to their arrival but for now, I’m enjoying this simple stockinette project.

What are you working on this week?

Backpacking in Forgotten Valley

With a name like “Forgotten Valley” how could I not want to check this place out? Luckily, it’s located in the Golden Gate Canyon State Park which is less than an hour from my house so it’s a pretty convenient place to explore!

This was a great first backpack of the summer – we’ve got more planned including a 4-night trek in Yellowstone at the beginning of September so I wanted to make sure we started slow and simple. This trip was more about exploring a new area, checking that all my gear made it through the winter, finding out what needed to be fixed or replaced, etc. 

The hike in was only about 2.25 gorgeous miles. Wildflowers were blooming everywhere, the blue skies allowed us to see all the views and birds were singing along every step of the way. After we ditched our packs we hiked to City Lights Ridge – a steeper but very rewarding 2+ mile round trip. From the ridge we could see 360 degrees including our campsite, the pond and homestead and another small loop trail we wanted to tackle after we got back.

Needless to say, the pond and restored homestead were gorgeous. Even waiting out a small bit of rain in our tent allowed us gorgeous views of the valley. The swings on the porch of the cabin certainly provided a perfect spot to start off the day with some knitting.

Do you like to camp, backpack, hike and explore? What are some of your favorite memories being outside?

Making the Most of the Weather

Now that summer is quickly on it’s way to Colorado, we’re trying to soak up every bit of perfect weather we can before it gets too hot. This means a lot of outside time – hiking, dog parking, picnicing, climbing, festivaling and all the stuff that goes along with it.

This weekend was no different. We squeezed in some climbing in Clear Creek at Canal Zone…

I spent some quality me-time at Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge – my first time but certainly not my last…

We played tourist in our own city by renting the Bcycles downtown and trying out some new breweries and going to the Chalk Art Festival.

What are your favorite weekend activities? Do you ever play tourist in your own town?