WIP Wednesday: Does She Even Knit Anymore?

I know, I know. For a knitting blog, this space has been pretty sparse on the knitting content lately. I *have* been knitting, I promise!

Remember that shawl I mentioned a few weeks ago? The one that was going to be the Lost in the Forest shawl? I ripped it. The pattern was gorgeous and I’m sure that if I’d followed it, I would make a beautiful shawl. Unfortunately, lately I haven’t wanted any knitting that I have to “pay attention to” – I want to be on autopilot with my knitting which meant scratching that project.

The yarn isn’t being returned to the stash, however. I re-cast on a new shawl project but, as you can see, this one is mostly mindless for the first little bit. Lacy pretty things happen later for the border and I’m looking forward to their arrival but for now, I’m enjoying this simple stockinette project.

What are you working on this week?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Does She Even Knit Anymore?

  1. Yay autopilot knitting! I feel like summer’s a great time for plain stockinette-there’s so much else happening, nobody has time to fiddle with a chart!

  2. Lace or stockinette, that yarn looks amazing. Most of my knitting right now it autopilot – a pair of ribbed socks and a Dr Who scarf.

  3. I’ve not been knitting much, honestly. Braingremlins suck and the cost for this round was my knitting……on the upside, I have been writing, which is strange in itself as creative writing is not normally my jam. But, it’s been happening. I’m slowly getting the knitting mojo back, though, which should help…

  4. ahhh the yarn is so pretty! sometimes swooning over other people’s projects and yarn (like this!) brings the mojo back for me

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