WIP Wednesday: Knuck Number Two

These knucks are knitting up pretty quickly compared some of my latest projects! It’s fun to make such swift progress, isn’t it?

I finished the fingers and thumb of the second mitt the other day and started on the first flap! Because I don’t really like seaming, I decided that instead of knitting the flaps separately and then sewing them on that I would pick up stitches on the back of each hand, cast on the rest and knit them already attached. I picked up 17 sts on the back to make sure that I could start and end this picked up section with the k2 to keep it a bit cleaner (not that the recipient will notice but if it makes me feel better, why not, right?). After these two flaps I’ll make sure all ends are woven in and they’re donezos!img_4684_medium2

Side Note: You can see in the picture above that the body of the hand and the thumb look a little….spirally bumpy? That’s a result of me shifting my dpns around as I knit to avoid ladders between needles. That shit blocks right out (it really does, this isn’t one of those “that shit will block right out” prayer moments, I’ve actually tried it and it does block RIGHT out).

Sounds like a lot but I’m hoping to have them done and have a new WIP to show you next week, so fingers crossed!  img_4686_medium2

What are you knitting this week?

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