FO Friday: Knucks for ‘Nea

As I promised last week, these are finished! It feels really good to have finished a project so quickly after months of long-term knitting (especially those things that were supposed to be quick and ended up…..not being quick).img_3843_medium2

I knit these out of my Knick Knack Knucks pattern and used Premier Yarns Debra Norville Serenity in a purple-y stripey colorway. I don’t think I made any modifications except picking up the stitches for the mitten flap instead of knitting it separately and sewing it on afterwards. This is the first time I’ve used this yarn and my choice to use it was made primarily by the fact that I couldn’t find any Patons Kroy in an acceptable colorway. Serenity is noticeably softer than Kroy but that make me worry (probably incorrectly) about the durability of it. I’ll report back as soon as I hear one way or the other from the recipient!img_4701

These are for my younger brother’s girlfriend – they just moved to Bozeman, Montana and since she asked for a pair while we were on our backcountry Yellowstone trip, I think this as good a time as any to fulfill her request. I imagine with the winters of Southern Montana she’ll need something to keep her hands warm when she’s not on the slopes! On the up-side, I’ve never been to Bozeman and this might be just the excuse I need to get up for a visit!

Have you finished anything this week? Have you ever been to Bozeman?

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