Knit List #2

This is the second installment of what I’m calling the Knit List – an effort to reduce stash in a mindful way.

Recent early morning dog walks inspired this week’s Knit List – I have a ton of hats but with hair this long, it’s not always feasible to wear it down and I can’t have it up in a hat or I’ll look like a conehead (not my best look, let me tell you). I’ve got a few piercings in each ear and I think the extra metal causes my ears to get really cold really fast and with that comes a headache and general discomfort.

So this week we’re focusing on earwarmers and headbands to keep my ears warm while letting me wear my hair up!

I’ve got just a small amount of this Luna by Cascade Yarns and maybe an Aran weight version of the Blue Leaves Headband would be a good use of the pretty mint-colored yarn.img_3513_medium2


I like the simple twist in the Hot Mess headband and could make a red version out of my little bit of Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica.


119_hot_mess_headband_medium2What would an earwarmer list be without the classic Calorimetry? I think I could  hold two strands of Dream in Color Smooshy together to get closer to the Aran weight yarn used in the original.img_3706_medium2


Have you knit any headbands? Any suggestions for me?

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