New Stash

I don’t talk politics on the blog (or online anywhere, really) but I can’t post this today without at least mentioning that I’m going to work through my fear and use it as motivation to be better, kinder and more loving than I ever have been before. We need more of that.


Do you guys watch podcasts? I just started watching them and really only have 2 that I watch every episode – Stranded Podcast and the new Yarn Hoarder Podcast. Amy of Stranded Dyeworks dyes gorgeous yarns and sock blanks.

The other week a knitting friend and I decided to get some yarn – just a skein each – and order them at the same time to save on shipping. Shipping from the UK isn’t the cheapest but it was surprisingly quick! I expected it to take 3-5 weeks but it only took 2!img_4713_medium2

This is Fleet Street on her Oasis base – a 75/25 merino/nylon blend. This has been dyed with some navy and yellow with speckles and hints of red. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll make with it…I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my brain but you know I’ll keep you posted when I do pick something!

What are your favorite podcasts? I’m looking for more to add to my itty bitty list! Who are your favorite indie dyers?

6 thoughts on “New Stash

  1. Beautiful yarn! You’ve got me considering buying from UK dyers now.

    I’ve got 3 podcasts suggestions since they’re the 3 I regularly listen to. 1, The Knitmore Girls for knitting, spinning, and reviews. 2, Art for Your Ear – weekly interviews with artists in a bunch of different mediums. 3, Welcome To Nightvale for off the wall weirdness, fun, and good stories.

  2. I have a hard time listening to podcasts, I also don’t like being read to or audio books….but one I have listened to is Geeky Girls Knit…..I buy from way too many indie dyers, but some favorites….Mad Color out of New Hampshire…I love Heather……I belong to a indie dyer group on Facebook, love many of them…..but two Canadian dyers I love are Blue Brick and Yarn Ink…Yarn Ink has some of the most saturated colors I’ve ever seen….

  3. Knitmore Girls (audio only), which works well for me because they’re local (so things like the cake shops make sense to me). I also try to watch Celtic Cast On, Susan B. Anderson, and…..wait, I know there’s at least one more…’s difficult, though, because I want to listen while it’s quiet, which means at night, which means headphones or being in another room…I’m a week behind on Knitmore Girls (new episode tomorrow and I’ve not listened to last week’s yet).

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