WIP Wednesday:Bumps in the Road

Welp, the projects from last week have seen progress but both have taken mini-breaks this week.

The mitts are on hold until I can get another ball of yarn. Don’t you hate/love when that happens? You’re trying to stash bust and use up the scraps of another project only to find out that mere rounds from the end you are going to run out of the scraps and need to buy yarn to finish? Then what? You’ll have a stash busting project to use the scraps from the stash busting project!img_4729_medium2

Oh well, these things happen and I knew I was running the risk when I started.

The cowl design is coming along smoothly and I’m working out the details for the texture transition on the next piece. The road bump here isn’t yarn related, I just started a new project that I wanted to whip up real quick – a headband! That project is all wrapped up (finally something that was meant to be quick that actually was!) and you’ll see it on Friday!img_4725_medium2

What are you working on this week?



8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday:Bumps in the Road

  1. Those look great! I’m actually kind of hesitant to do many stash-busting projects with my leftovers because I don’t want to end up needing to buy more yarn :/ but those fingerless mitts are looking great, regardless of the Sisyphean stashbusting 😀 I’m back to work on my mum’s sweater this week-I’d hoped to have it done before it snowed, but apparently we’re due for an inch or two friday, whoops!

    1. Hey! That means you finished the giant shawl! Can’t wait to see it 😀 And really, we can’t wait for snow either – we’re supposed to get some at least in the mountains Thursday, I hope we do!

  2. A hat! I took the yarn from my gran, and she said I had to give her whatever I knit with it for Christmas. So I’m not so much stealing her yarn so much as… borrowing it, and returning it in a different shape. Also, a woman at the home where I work is having a baby any day now. I’m going to make them both socks! Can anyone recommend a pattern for mom and baby socks that go together?

    1. Oh those are all great ideas! Lucky Gran and lucky coworker 😀 I’ve never knit socks for a baby, just booties, but I bet if you used the same yarn for both, even different patterns would look like they go together!

  3. I hate when stash busting requires buying more yarn. Boo! The cowl is looking great and that yarn is awesome.

    What am I knitting? So many things.

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