FO Friday: Super Quick Headband

As promised on Wednesday, I’ve got a finished project for you this week!

This headband is out of scraps of Malabrigo Rios from my long-ago published Transient Tunic. I used 2 strands held together and US 10s. No pattern, I just cast on 2, increased gradually to 12, knit in garter for a while and decreased gradually back down to 2 once I could wrap it around my head with a little overlap for tying.img_4754_medium2

I decided that I wanted one that could be tied rather than buttoned because I don’t want it to stretch out over time and be too big to be buttoned. img_4752_medium2

It took me 3 days to finish this but probably only about 3 hours of knitting total AND I used up just the amount of yarn in the tiny leftover cake I started with! Perfect stash busting (now if only those mitts had gotten the hint).img_4756_medium2

Did you finish any projects this week? Are you feeling the pull for quick knits as the holidays draw nearer?

4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Super Quick Headband

  1. Woot headband! That came out great 😀 Yes, I did get the giant shawl done, but I’m gonna have to tackle blocking this weekend-eep! I actually want to knit myself a ton of sweaters right now, but I have two tiny person sweaters to knit for xmas first, I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming!

  2. Instead of finishing things, I started new ones….because I don’t have enough going on, apparently. And I still haven’t finished getting the pattern ready to go (the one you edited). Maybe that will be my goal over Thanksgiving break 🙂

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