Let’s Talk Socks

I want knit socks.

I don’t necessary want TO knit socks, but I want knit socks.

I’ve knit socks in the past but never for myself and I’ve only got 1 handmade pair in my drawer but I didn’t even knit those, someone else did.

I know that if I did knit some socks I’d probably do them toe-up, two at a time. I wouldn’t want to fall victim to second sock syndrome and I’d want to make sure that I use up as much yarn as possible to have as few leftover yards I can.

I have plenty of sock yarn, I have the skills and I know what I’d like to knit (knee socks, mostly) but still, I do not have the burning desire to knit them myself. I think I’m scared of getting them wrong? Of the socks not fitting right and if I did make them knee-high, what if they don’t fit my calves? I’ve got bigger calves and need to seek out the “wide calf” version of boots, most skinny jeans and even some leggings don’t fit these ladies.

If I did choose to knit socks I’m sure I’d start with a plain vanilla-ish pair or two to see which toe and heel styles work best for me. They’d probably be mid-calf in length and use a single skein of my stash yarn.

Not that I want to knit socks.

But if I did, I’d probably start with a pair out of this speckled skein of Plymouth’s Happy Feet in Blue Oreo.



11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Socks

  1. Yay socks! I love that yarn so much, those are going to be fantastic 😀 I hear you on big calves, I never thought my calves would be my most frustrating feature when jeans shopping :/

  2. Ho, I love knit socks ! I only knit one pair, years ago and still wear them in bed most of winter. The cool thing is, you can custom the fit, I have bigger calves too, but because you can try them on as you knit, you can add stitches if you need them wider at some point. I really want to knit more !

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