WIP Wednesday: So About Those Socks

So, yes. I’m knitting socks. And, just like my previous post about socks said, I’m doing them toe-up and two at a time. I’m kind of just doing it my own way rather than following a “conventional” method.

I cast on for the two at the same time using the magic loop method. I increased both toes and started down the feet but decided that magic loop is fiddly and I don’t like the ladders on the feet (for some reason, probably having to do with the increases, there weren’t noticeable ladders on the toes). So I went out and bought 9″ US 2 bamboo needles to work the feet and cuffs in the round on those.img_4824_medium2

I knit the first sock on the 9″ needles until I measured to see where I needed to start the gusset increases – which was a few rounds back. Ripped those few rounds out and put the first sock back on the magic loop and traded to put the other sock on the 9″ needles.

Now I’ve returned both feet to the magic loop so I can work the gusset and heel of both at the same time to ensure that I knit them the exact same way and, again, avoid second sock syndrome.img_4825_medium2

I’m doing stockinette for the bottom of the foot and 2×2 rib for the top because I wanted to give these first socks all the opportunities to fit properly and figured that having a stretchy rib couldn’t hurt. After the heel, the cuffs will be in 2×2 rib all around. To reduce the ladder between the knit and purl stitches and tighten it up, I’m purling the first purl through the back loop.

What are you working on this week? If you knit socks at all, what is your favorite method for doing them? Magic loop? tiny circs? dpns? one at a time? two at a time? cuff down? toe up? short? tall? textured? colorful? muted?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: So About Those Socks

  1. Coincidentally, I too am trying to tackle the toe up sock. There’s a method called wrapping a stitch that I canr gety head around. Does anyone know what that means?

  2. Cuff-down, DPNs, all the way! I’ve done a couple of pairs toe up, and it doesn’t gel with me, and magic loop annoys the heck out of me (and my giant man hands + tiny circs = not gonna happen!). Getting past the heel and gusset is one of the most satisfying parts of sock knitting for me-once you’re done that, you’re pretty much more than half done!

  3. Hi Holly, Congrats on venturing into the world of sox.
    Just do the first 2 stitches on the needle really tight and that will stop any ladders.
    I use mainly magic loop, one at a time, top down.
    In the 25+ pairs that I’ve done, there’s only one pair of toe up. Will have another go at toe up, but I can do top down with my eyes shut. Lovely mindless knitting. 🙂
    Have done a bit of socking on dpns. It took me a long time to grasp that style. They are good when there’s patterning in the sock. Easier to keep track of repeats.
    I did use dpns on my Jaywalkers, coz it was a struggle (for me) to have 100 sts on tiny needles.
    It’s a bit hot here in Australia to wear woolly sox now, but I am thinking of using them as a Xmas bunting.
    Happy socking to you. ;^)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Alison! I appreciate it 😀 I’ve been trying to tug the yarn tightly for the first two or three stitches but I think I may try knitting them through the back loop in the future to see if that helps too.

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