2016: Year in Review

According to Ravelry I finished a measly 15 projects this year and published 3 patterns – both fewer than last year! My favorite finished object is my Cascades pullover though. It’s quickly becoming my most-worn handknit sweater!


I only lived in 1 house (that’s a record!) and started 1 new career/business. There’s a very good chance that starting that new career path prevented me from finishing more projects but I’m so happy with my choice to become a Real Estate Agent and I know it’s the right addition to my designing and Tech Editing. All of these are flexible and I’m my own boss.


2016 saw some fun travels including a backpacking trip in Yellowstone, lots of rock climbing around Colorado along with camping and exploring the city. I started experimenting with watercolor, picked up a new cross-stitch project and wrote a bunch about beer.


I hope 2017 brings even more love and laughter – along with more knitting, designing and adventures!

WIP Wednesday: Something Old, Something New, Something Sparkly & Something Blue

The never-ending socks are still on the needles. You’re not surprised, are you?

I’m making progress on them, I’ve increased 4 stitches per sock so far to help accommodate my calves but I know I’ll need a few more if they keep getting longer. I’ve got my next pair of socks picked out and the yarn waiting but: 1) I want to finish these first and 2) I want to try a different set of needles for the next one – go down a size to a US 1 and get a set that doesn’t have such a bumpy cable-needle join so the stitches slide easier.


I also got yarn for a new project the other day and cast on immediately! This is Berroco Folio Luxe in Aries and I’m using it to knit up a basic ribbed beanie for one of my Team Leads. While at our holiday dinner the other day she pulled out a picture of a cute hat she liked and was going to buy when her husband, my other Team Lead, commented that she should buy it locally and not from a mass-producing factory. Insert Your Friendly Neighborhood Knitter, a flurry of internet shopping and not-so-patient waiting and you’ve got yourself the start of a beanie.img_4857_medium2

I’m still waiting on the finishing piece – a faux fur pom pom – to arrive but the hat needs to be knit before that can be attached anyway so I might as well get started, right? I’m making the pattern up for this as I go and full details will be on my Ravelry page.


And isn’t that little fishy stitch marker the cutest?! I picked that up with April when we went on our yarny/coffee date the other week and it makes me so happy to see it on my knitting!

What are you working on this week? New stuff? Old Stuff? Sparkles? Blue?

Rethinking Minetta

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while you might remember my Minetta saga. I began this sweater as a casual KAL with my momma and although she flew through hers, it took me 3 months to finish mine.

In my FO post I mentioned some of the fit issues I had with the sweater but thought I could live with them at the time (and I did, for a while). I wore it a number of times but hung it up in my closet and haven’t worn it at all this entire year!


That’s a problem folks.

I want to have clothes (knits included) in my wardrobe that I actually wear and love. I actually wear a lot of my knitted garments! And I do want a grey cardigan. I like the idea of this one but not the actual finished piece.


I think I’m going to rip it out and re-knit it into something that suits my body and lifestyle a bit more. Plus, I do still love those buttons.

Have you ever frogged a knit? How did you make that tough decision? Did you re-use the yarn or leave it in time out? Any suggestions for grey cardigans in sport weight yarn?

FO Friday: Tiny Window Cat

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen this cute little project earlier this week.


Last weekend I came down with some sort of stomach bug and spent most of Sunday in bed. I don’t like sitting still and not doing productive things (especially knitting) but wanted something that would be fun, quick and simple (and wasn’t 2×2 rib). I’d favorited the Tiny Window Cat Pattern just recently and decided that would be the perfect project!


It’s a free pattern and clearly written. I didn’t make any mods except the needle size. I used US 0 dpns and some soft stash yarn from years ago – no tag or idea what the fiber content is. This little cat took probably 2-3 hours to work up, even in sick mode – a super quick gift! I may have to knit a bigger version for my niece!

Have you finished anything lately? Do you knit toys or small things? What’s your favorite way to get over an inconvenient illness?

WIP Wednesday: Socks & Shawls

This week certainly saw more sock knitting, no doubt in that! I thought that once I got to the cuffs that it’d virtually fly off the needles (spoiler alert: they didn’t). I do think, however, that these are getting tall enough that I’m going to have to consider some calf shaping. Small feet, short legs and big calves mean that a single skein of sock yarn goes that much further, I guess!


I also pulled out an old, hibernating project – my Peony shawl by Kat Riddell. According to Ravelry, I started this back in February (when I was visiting with my mom on our excellent girls’ trip in Salida!). FEB.U.ARY. Folks, that is so long ago and I am so sorry to this shawl that it has been languishing that long.img_4226_medium2

I’ve started on the eyelet portion and am keeping an eye on my yarn so that I’ll have enough to do the cute picot bind off at the end.

What are you working on this week? Gift knitting? Selfish knitting?

Knit List #3

This is the third installment of what I’m calling the Knit List – an effort to reduce stash in a mindful way.

This version of the Knit List is based on my current non-obsession with socks. Seriously, I’m not obsessed. More….curious.

This bright bright skein of 45degrees North by Black Trillium Fibers (generously gifted to me by JanuaryYarns)


would make a beautiful set of Brick Road Socks, don’t you think?


And I’m completely in love with the Geek Socks


do you think this skein of HauteKnit Yarn (from _miss_chievous) would be stripey enough to pull it off?


And this skein of Fleet Street by Stranded Dyeworks hasn’t actually been put in stash yet – I’m keeping it on my desk as inspiration and petting yarn


But I’m thinking it’d make a good pair of Whiskey and Rye socks


Or maybe Hoar Frost?


What do you think? What are your favorite sock patterns? What’s your favorite pair that you’ve ever made?

WIP Wednesday: Still Socks But Farther Along

Even though I’ve been working on these socks almost monogamously for the past week, I haven’t finished them yet.

Last week April of WithWool and I met up to scope out a new-to-us yarn shop – MewMews in Lafayette, Colorado – then have some serious coffee and knitting time at the cafe next door. Conveniently, we were both working on socks! Hers is handspun and she’s making them for her husband (she’s so nice). Oh, and that project bag is from Lady Alamo, isn’t it cute?!15305973_768685189947549_2340447126925869056_n_medium2

I’ve turned my heels and am just cranking away at the 2×2 rib for the cuff! When I get close to the end of the cake, I’ll switch to 1×1 rib for the top cuff bit I think.


What are you knitting this week?