WIP Wednesday: Still Socks But Farther Along

Even though I’ve been working on these socks almost monogamously for the past week, I haven’t finished them yet.

Last week April of WithWool and I met up to scope out a new-to-us yarn shop – MewMews in Lafayette, Colorado – then have some serious coffee and knitting time at the cafe next door. Conveniently, we were both working on socks! Hers is handspun and she’s making them for her husband (she’s so nice). Oh, and that project bag is from Lady Alamo, isn’t it cute?!15305973_768685189947549_2340447126925869056_n_medium2

I’ve turned my heels and am just cranking away at the 2×2 rib for the cuff! When I get close to the end of the cake, I’ll switch to 1×1 rib for the top cuff bit I think.


What are you knitting this week?

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