Knit List #3

This is the third installment of what I’m calling the Knit List – an effort to reduce stash in a mindful way.

This version of the Knit List is based on my current non-obsession with socks. Seriously, I’m not obsessed. More….curious.

This bright bright skein of 45degrees North by Black Trillium Fibers (generously gifted to me by JanuaryYarns)


would make a beautiful set of Brick Road Socks, don’t you think?


And I’m completely in love with the Geek Socks


do you think this skein of HauteKnit Yarn (from _miss_chievous) would be stripey enough to pull it off?


And this skein of Fleet Street by Stranded Dyeworks hasn’t actually been put in stash yet – I’m keeping it on my desk as inspiration and petting yarn


But I’m thinking it’d make a good pair of Whiskey and Rye socks


Or maybe Hoar Frost?


What do you think? What are your favorite sock patterns? What’s your favorite pair that you’ve ever made?

6 thoughts on “Knit List #3

  1. And now there are two more sock patterns in my queue! Brick Road and the Whisky and Rye Socks are beautiful choices.

    After knitting so many socks, I have my own default pattern that I just plug stitch patterns into.

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