2016: Year in Review

According to Ravelry I finished a measly 15 projects this year and published 3 patterns – both fewer than last year! My favorite finished object is my Cascades pullover though. It’s quickly becoming my most-worn handknit sweater!


I only lived in 1 house (that’s a record!) and started 1 new career/business. There’s a very good chance that starting that new career path prevented me from finishing more projects but I’m so happy with my choice to become a Real Estate Agent and I know it’s the right addition to my designing and Tech Editing. All of these are flexible and I’m my own boss.


2016 saw some fun travels including a backpacking trip in Yellowstone, lots of rock climbing around Colorado along with camping and exploring the city. I started experimenting with watercolor, picked up a new cross-stitch project and wrote a bunch about beer.


I hope 2017 brings even more love and laughter – along with more knitting, designing and adventures!

8 thoughts on “2016: Year in Review

  1. Sounds like a great year! I love your Cascades pullover, I’m starting to get really tempted to knit my own. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new real estate gig-hopefully 2017 will be full of even more adventures and crafty funtimes!

  2. That cascade pullover looks so cozy. I’ve been on the hunt for a good textured pullover pattern. I’m going to go have a closer look.

    And I’m glad to hear that you are headed in a solid direction career-wise.

    1. The Cascades is SOSOSO cozy! I highly recommend the yarn I used as well – I’m sure the yarn called for in the pattern is also excellent and my recommendation is only based on my experience with this yarn.

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